April 8, 2022

San Diego's Best: Dog Parks

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Mark Beach

San Diego's Best: Dog Parks

There are a lot of great dog areas in San Diego to choose from, today I am showing you around the most central off leash parks in San Diego and at the end I’ll dub the number one dog park in San Diego.

Born and raised in San Diego and being a dog lover myself I love sharing the pet friendly opportunities this city offers - if you have any questions about dog friendly patios or parks reach out.


Hey Guy’s, I’m Mark Beach, welcome to another episode of San Diego’s Best. Where the purpose of this show is to showcase the best of San Diego, whether you are a local like me or you are visiting this fine city.

With so many things to do in San Diego, this episode we are going to focus on your fur babies and highlight the top dog parks in San Diego. With San Diego being so vast and trying not to make this an hour-long episode we ‘re going to focus on the most central off leash parks in San Diego and at the end I’ll dub the number one dog park in San Diego.

Coronado Dog Beach

Located next to North Coronado beach this section runs into the north island naval air station fence, letting you know that your dog only has one way, and out of this long stretch of dedicated beach. This is a great place to come let your dog jump in the waves, roll in the sand, and catch a beautiful sunset on the water. Also being next to the Naval Air Base you will be able to watch planes and jets fly right over you since the sir strip is just on the other side of that fence.

Find out more and see the location here.

Grape Street

Located next to Balboa Golf Course off 28th Street in South Park, Grape Street is a fully fenced park with lots of eucalyptus tree cover for shade. This park also has an agility course for your dog, so you can put them to the test. Being located in one of San Diego’s best neighborhoods, South Park offers a good amount of coffee shops, pet friendly businesses and restaurants so your day doesn’t have to end at the park, and you can take your pup with you to dinner.

Find out more and see the location here.

Fiesta Island

Located on the west side of fiesta island which is known for its water sports, summer parties and bird habitat in the middle, there are over 60 acres of fully fenced dog park containing sand dunes, walking trails, and lots of space for your dog to run. There is also a lot of waterfront that allows your dog to jump in and out of the water - but there is no tree cover so bring lots of sunscreen.

Find out more and see the location here.

Morley Field

Technically part of Balboa Park, Morley Field dog park is not fenced and not the biggest, but its located next to the California’s Nature Plant Garden, and nature exploration area with tons of trails for hiking and mountain biking. Also located on the other side of Morley Field is the Morley Field disk gold course which is extremely dog friendly. This is a place where you can spend the better part of the day exploring San Diego’s biggest park.

Find out more and see the location here.

OB Dog Beach

That brings us to my favorite dog park in San Diego, Ocean Beach’s Dog Beach. Located south of the Mission Bay jetty it is the number one off leash dog beach in all of the United States. Known by all the locals to be one of the most inclusive places to bring your dogs, where long boarders surf the break and you can catch an amazing sunset. Dog Beach is also part of OB where everyone is extremely laid back and friendly. Being a few blocks from Newport Ave, this is a great place to start your weekend with your pup, hit some beach town bars and restaurants, soak in the sun, and stroll down the West Coast longest pier.

Find out more and see the location here.

And that’s why Dog Beach is San Diego’s Best Dog Park, I’m Mark Beach.. San Diego’s Best Realtor. Don’t forget to like and subscribe below and tell me what you think San Diego’s Best topic should be as I explore San Diego’s Best.

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