March 24, 2022

San Diego's Best Neighborhood: Point Loma

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Mark Beach

San Diego's Best Neighborhood: Point Loma

There are a lot of great neighborhoods in San Diego to choose from, today I am showing you around one of my favorite neighborhood’s Point Loma. This San Diego coastal community has a small town feel, with a lot of history — incredible views, cafes, fabulous dining and breweries including: Jennings House Cafe, Point Loma Seafoods, Mitch's Seafood and Eppig Brewing.

Born and raised in San Diego I have frequented Point Loma since I was young to watch the boats and I now I'm lucky to adventure out on fishing boat trips. I love sharing this great city with people and if you have any questions about any neighborhood in San Diego reach out.


Hey guys, I’m Mark Beach and welcome to another episode of San Diego’s Best, where the purpose of the show is to showcase the ‘Best of San Diego’ whether you’re a local like me or you’re visiting this fine city.

Today’s episode we are going to focus on Neighborhoods. San Diego has over 34 cities in the county which means that there are countless neighborhoods that we can talk about. So what we are going to do is focus on one neighborhood every episode, and this episode we are going to focus on one of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods. Point Loma…

Meaning “Hill Point” in Spanish. Point Loma is also known to be ‘where California begun’ due to it being the landing point of the first European Expedition in 1542 by Portuguese Navigator Juan Cabrillo.

Located west of downtown San Diego and south of Mission Bay, Point Loma is known by all the locals to have some of the most beautiful views of downtown San Diego, pretty much anywhere you are.

Previously home to several tuna fisheries like Bumble Bee, Point Loma is often credited as the birthplace of American Tuna Fishing and by the 1950s was the tuna capital of the world – employing over 40,000 San Diegan’s.

Though the tuna canneries have since left, Point Loma is still known for amazing tuna fishing, where you can jump on a boat for a half day all the way up to a 15-day trip and catch tuna well over 100lbs, at places like H & M Landing which has been in business since 1935.

A couple places down at the docks where you can grab something to eat and drink, would be the iconic Point Loma Seafood established in 1963, Eppig Brewing for a craft beer, or my favorite Mitch’s Seafood, where I frequently grab lunch and stare at those fishing boats planning my next charter.

Point Loma is also known for a very high military presence, home to Point Loma Naval Base, Submarine Training Facility, and lots of military housing, it also has the beautiful Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, where you can pay your respects to the fallen war heroes, and witness one of my favorite San Diego views.

Point Loma also has Liberty Station. Once a naval training center, now consists of several locally owned boutiques, coffee shops, bakeries, bars, amazing restaurants, a high end movie theatre, and the very large NTC Park. This is a must see for visitors and a hot spot for locals.

With Point Loma being arguably one of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods, it means that it’s also going to have some of San Diego’s oldest homes, like Jennings House, built in 1886 now a coffee shop, open to the public.

With countless things to do, places to see, history to learn, fish to catch, that’s why Point Loma is definitely one of San Diego’s Best Neighborhoods.

I’m Mark Beach, San Diego’s Best Realtor, don’t forget to like and subscribe below, and let me know what you think the next San Diego’s Best Neighborhood should be.

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